Friday, April 22, 2011

Prophecy for the Philippines Series - Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Sundar Selvaraj was raised up in a strong Hindu family. He has two sisters and a younger brother. When he was about seven years old, his father became a layman priest."
Young Sundar being the first born male child followed his father's footsteps and became a devout Hindu. He gave himself to the study of mantras and was versed in performing pujas (religious ceremonies). He even carried the kavadi- a form of Hindu penance, for three years. When he was about 16 years old, there arose a question in his heart about karma, life after death and nirvana. He sought the favours of the Hindu deities through fasting, penances and pujas, to be set free from the cycle of rebirth and to be one with Brahma - the union with the cosmic energy. But all his efforts were futile. After six months of fervent futile prayers, he came to the conclusion that he had been fated to be reincarnated again and again in this world due to his bad karma.

About this time in June 1978, he attended a religious-cum-science lecture at a public auditorium. The distinguished speaker was speaking on the subject of evolution. Young Sundar had great fascination for science and was planning on becoming a neurosurgeon. After speaking for half an hour on evolution, the speaker then compared the science of evolution to the science of creation by God. Although science was of interest to Sundar he did not enjoy hearing about Jesus Christ. The speaker said that because of God's great love for man, He came down to earth as a man to die for the sins of the whole world, and only by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ can a person be set free from sin and the cycle of death.
After the message, the speaker gave an invitation to all those who wished to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour to come forward to the stage. Though Sundar felt an urge to go forward, being a staunch Hindu, he rebelled against the nudge. Suddenly, from deep within him, he heard a clear and audible voice speaking to him. The voice said, "This is the true God. Go and follow Him." Sundar was astonished to hear the voice beckoning him to go forward and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour and God. He ignored the voice. But, like an auto reverse cassette player, the voice kept on repeating, "This is the true God. Go and follow Him." Sundar then experienced another supernatural experience. The chair on which he was sitting began to shake.
It was as if the chair was prompting him to get up and go. He grabbed the handles of the chair and would not budge an inch.
All the while, the voice kept repeating. "This is the true God. Go and follow Him". Sundar was now experiencing two unexplainable supernatural experiences. Then without any warning, he felt a real tangible hand below his back. The hand gently lifted him up to his feet. Puzzled, Sundar stopped resisting. The unseen but real hand then clasped his hand and gently led him down three flights of stairs to the front of the stage.
He joined about 50 other people who had come forward to receive the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. Looking upwards, Sundar said, "Jesus if you are the true God, please help me be set free from the cycle of rebirth."He then repeated after the speaker, "Lord Jesus come into my life."
As soon as he said those words,he least expected another supernatural experience. He felt someone pouring what he felt like oil on his head. It dropped on his head and began to flow downwards all over him. As the oil was flowing down over him, he felt a cleansing taking place inside his heart. Like all his sins and filthy nature being washed and cleansed.The oil kept flowing down to his toes. When the oil flowed out of his toes, a great indescribable peace filled his entire being. After the Lord gave him four supernatural experiences, Sundar was totally convinced Sundar that the Lord Jesus Christ is truly The One True God. He then sincerely gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and became his devoted disciple.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong : it seems that the prophecy is delayed. Should it not be in advance?
    It was prophesied on April 2013 but the Typhoon in Compostela occurred on Dec. 2, 2012

  2. Have you noticed that no matter how many times false prophet such as sadhu made outlandish false prophecies, they never lack for followers, and they don't stop claiming the Lord has spoken directly to them? If you read the bible it is stated that there is absolutely no room for new revelations. That’s exactly how the book of Revelation concludes in Revelation 22:18 that if anyone adds to this book the plagues written in this book will be added to them. That is a serious indictment and warning that God places for anyone to add Revelation to the consummation of the revelation in the written Word of God. There is absolutely no room for new revelations, for our salvation and the acceptable worship of God. Now if we don't draw the line at Scripture, we are hopelessly caught. Once you go beyond Scripture everything's out of control. Anyone can predict that something will happen in the course of time because it’s already written in the bible. For example if I predict that sadhu will die in the near future of course it will happen not because it is a prophecy but rather of a natural cause. email

    1. My friend i pity you for not believing. I suggest that you must read your bible start it in the book of john.. but before you read, you must ask the help of the HolySpirit that he will guide you. I tell you after reading it, the book of john to revelation you will find that God can speak to anyone of us, through vissions, dreams, and even prophesy. God can also use ordinary people like prophet sadhu, and even you God can talk to you, if you draw near unto him with a humble heart.

    2. amen,God sent prophets until this time to warn people and turn away from their wickedness and ask forgiveness and turn to GOD with humble this things prophesied by the prophets as a warning to everybody and every country that doing abomination according to LORD GOD judgement will not come to pass...the LORD our GOD sent prophet to warn us still working this days

  3. TO EVERYONE READING THIS. IT ONLY TAKES A SHORT SINCERE PRAYER TO BE SAVED. :) I'm not saying you don't believe in God.. but God wants us to Confess it with our mouth...

    let me guide you in prayer...
    Father God, I know I have sinned. I have done so many things that doesn't please you. i repent... i'm sorry for the things I've done.. I believe that you sent your son Jesus to save me. to be punished instead of me, now here I am. I accept Jesus as my Lord and savior.. help me to change for good. I am willing for you to correct me. move in a mighty way in my life. in Jesus name, amen.

    that's it! just that easy... :) now total change of your character does not happen after the prayer. possibly not even in a day, a week or even a year, and more... but if that happens... do not flee from the Lord... His grace super abounds.. What Jesus died for is your past, present, and FUTURE SINS (no matter how big you think that sin is).. He loves you so much! and before he can move mightily in our lives... We have to let Him. acknowledge His presence everyday.. wherever we go.. we can talk to Him.. while walking.. while riding a jeepney.. whenever, wherever... :) God bless! :)

  4. Anyone believe that a prophet does not exist today have gone to sleep. The Lord said be on guard and stay awake. Did He not also tells you to stand guard against the yeast of the pharises? The pharises claimed they are expert of the law of God and they follow God yet did they recognized the messaiah in front of them? And as now happenings what is happening a long time ago. Sadhu has been sent to give witness and warn everyone but does anyone believed in him? Remember the story of the rich man and lazaru. Didn't not the rich man ask Abraham to send lazaru into his brother to warn them? And what Abraham replied? He said they have moses and if they are not following the teaching of moses how can then they believed a miracle that a man raise from dead?

    Whoever hates the prophet sent by God will be removed. How blind this generations are, how dull are theyre hearts.

    I swear that I have been given prophetic dream by the Lord of the signs in the sky. And the rapture of His bride. Now if I tell you of my dream will you believe me? The Lord is coming soon this is His message. He wants all His bride to prepare so He can saved them before all this events brother sadhu is telling takes place.

    I hesitate to say my dream but I stand one of the witnesses God has choose to let anyone know. So I will share my dream.

    In year 2000 I had given this supernatural dream one night. In my dream I was kneeling in front of the altar inside a small chapel the chapel is located in the middle of a very green rice fields. It was dark outside. I wonder where am I, so I stand up and go out and went to the rice fields. As I look on to the east sky I become afraid for I see a moon in blood. The moon is bleeding blood then it dissapear. Then appears the sun when suddenly the sun grow dark as that of the solar eclipse, then it fades away. Then I looked up on top of me I see so many stars, then suddenly the stars had been shaken and falling one by one until no stars left. Then the skies had been rolled out. Then total darkness covered the earth, when suddenly a very big shinning white cross appears on the sky. It was the only light giving to the earth. Then I see the cross split and the gate of heaven open through it. I heard a very beautiful singing. I see the entrance of heaven with so much light and white clouds, there where flowers also and I see angels standing at the side holding trumphets. Then suddenly I heard a loud sound of trumphet echoes all over the world. After the trumphet I see so many angels coming out of the gate of heaven. Each one of them riding on a white boat or tevah. They were decending upon the face of the earth fetching believers and let them ride on the white boat. And when the white boat becomes full it fly back to heaven. This is my dream. Now my dream is start manifesting this year. If any of you heared of the four blood moon coming and the solar eclipse on march 2015. Research and make judgement. Also please read matthew 24:29-31. For this is exactly what my dream is. God bless. And Glory be to God in the Highest!

    1. Hi! I believe in your dreams. I also had a lot of vision and dreams and all of that is happening now. God sent us those message to tell to everyone what's going to happen, to warn them and of course to tell them to accept Jesus as our God and Savior. Only Jesus Christ can help us for all the calamities happening now. Please tell to all people you know to accept Jesus and continue to pray... God bless us all.

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  6. He is reaping the illiteracy, ignorance and innocence of people comparing them to flocks (obedient sheep).

  7. He is reaping the illiteracy, ignorance and innocence of people comparing them to flocks (obedient sheep).